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TRD Pro Glovebox Letter Overlays Fits 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra


Product Information

Features, Description, Material Type, Installation


  • TRD Pro Glovebox Letter Overlays Fits 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra
  • Raised and Stylish Lettering
  • High-Quality Materials - Designed to Last
  • Easy Installation 3M Automotive Grade Adhesive
  • Sold As: 6 Piece Kit
  • Designed To Last the Lifetime Of Your Vehicle
  • Made in the USA


Add a new interior look to your Toyota Tundra by installing TUFSKINZ Glovebox Letter Overlays. This kit adds style and protection to your vehicle and each letter is fittingly positioned onto the passenger side dash letters.

Material Types

Domed (Raised 4mm) - Our Domed product line is our signature product. Each piece is manufactured with our 3-layer process that has been designed and tested to withstand all elements.

1ST LAYER - Superior UV Doming Resin that creates a high gloss, scratch resistant, durable finish.

2ND LAYER - Consists of a variety of substrates including our 100% Real Carbon Fiber, Chrome, Camouflage and Factory color matches to allow an array of custom options.

3RD LAYER - Utilizes our 3M Automotive Grade Adhesive that creates the perfect bond to the surface of the vehicle and makes the product installation an ease.

Easy Installation

TUFSKINZ Glovebox Letter Overlays are designed to fit over each letter on the passenger side glovebox/dash lettering. Prep and installation can simply be completed within 15 minutes.

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