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Products are made to order and typically ship within 7 business days.
Products are made to order and typically ship within 7 business days.

About Us

TUFSKINZ was born from the innovative spirit of Coastal Designs – a pioneering corporation that has been leading the automotive accessories market since 1978. Our journey from crafting premium interior/Exterior automotive dash trim to company logos and badges has set a high bar in the industry, a standard we continue to uphold and surpass with every product.


The aesthetic appeal of our products is a tangible manifestation of our meticulous design process. We employ cutting-edge CAD software to devise trim kits that not only enhance your vehicles appearance but also fit it with precision. Each design is a masterpiece that adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to your vehicle.


Quality isn't just a benchmark for us – it's an inherent part of our work ethic. We handpick the finest raw materials and employ the latest technologies, all in the hands of our highly trained and dedicated staff. This unwavering commitment enables us to produce automotive accessories that are a class apart.


Our materials have passed rigorous tests for numerous Toyota, Yamaha, and Honda Racing OEM Products, a testament to the superior quality we offer.


With TUFSKINZ, you are not just investing in a product; you are becoming part of a tradition that symbolizes elegance, durability, and individuality. Welcome to our family, where your satisfaction is guaranteed.