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Side Center Console Line Insert(s) Fits 2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma


Product Information

Features, Description, Material Type, Installation


  • 2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma Shifter Line Inserts
  • High-Quality Materials - Designed to Last
  • Easy Installation with 3M Automotive Grade Adhesive
  • Sold As: Kits Vary
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA


Add a new interior look to your Toyota Tacoma by installing TUFSKINZ Shifter Line Inserts. These kits add style and protection to your vehicle and are fittingly positioned inside the small thin lines on the sides of the center console.

**Choose Correct Model Option Automatic or Manual**

Material Type

Domed (Raised 4mm) - Our Domed product line is our signature product. Each piece is manufactured with our 3-layer process that has been designed and tested to withstand all elements.

1ST LAYER - Superior UV Doming Resin that creates a high gloss, scratch resistant, durable finish.

2ND LAYER - Consists of a variety of substrates including our 100% Real Carbon Fiber, Chrome, Camouflage and Factory color matches to allow an array of custom options.

3RD LAYER - Utilizes our 3M Automotive Grade Adhesive that creates the perfect bond to the surface of the vehicle and makes the product installation an ease.

**Only Exception: Real Carbon Fiber (Raw) is Raised 1mm**

Easy Installation

TUFSKINZ Shifter Line Inserts are designed to fit in the small, debossed line that is on the sides of the center console. Prep and installation can simply be completed within 15 minutes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Only Tufskinz Insert I'm Disappointed With

The materials are as good as all of the other pieces I installed. The center console insert has one glaring short coming, due to the sharp corners at the back of the channel the spacer piece doesn't bend around well. This causes the colored insert to not sit in the channel. The strip also seems about a quarter of an inch shorter than the entire channel. This shortness may be caused by the bowing the stip does at the back corners.

My suggestion would be to cut the pieces down so they just fill the channel on the sides and termiate right where they would need to make the sharp turn towards the other side. Since we can barely see the back part of the channel this ought to be good enough. Perhaps another solution would be to just cut the black spacers to the length of the sides and leave the color strip full length since it feels more flexible and could likely handled the sharp turns at the back corners better that way.

In the grand scheme it's not a big deal but it not being full length and poping out at the back corner was the first thing my wife noticed when I showed her the truck after installing all the cabin inserts.

meghan albright

The sides look nice and fit good, but as soon as it starts to wrap around the back and closest to the center console it sticks out and doesn’t stick in that part of the crack. Not to mention it’s really tough finding something you can wedge back there to push it to try and make it stck flush. Over all it’s just okay.

Pink Side Center Console Line Insert(s)

I absolutely love my inserts they came packaged perfectly they look great.

Derek Benoit
TRD gloss red trim Accent

The black filler piece fits perfect. The red gloss piece does not fit the whole way around the console leaving a small gap on one side. It is about a 1/4 inch too short. I do love the flash of color it gives the interior just wish it fit better

Joe B
TRD Red center console trim.

Looks great. Easy to install. Just a little short, about 1/4 inch. Adds just a touch of color.